New York Beach Catch, Clean, & Cook! (Fishing w/Subscribers)

You GUYS are legit the best! Enjoy this video and if you want to buy the best swim baits out there ---
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Alex Peric

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  • Where is this? Looks like shinnacock in Long island

    Gavin DGavin D15 күн мурун
  • where in ny?

    Reddit RewindReddit Rewind3 ай мурун
  • Sheeww #Googan4life

    Codys coolcrappies785Codys coolcrappies7853 ай мурун
  • So cool you're fishing at a spot right by me hahaha I live 20 minutes from that spot

    Alex CamachoAlex Camacho4 ай мурун
  • I LOVE ace videos, I am subscribers to his 2 channels

    Jaren YoshiokaJaren Yoshioka5 ай мурун
  • This place seems familiar ,,, anyone know where is it? I remembered it needs a resident permit to get in there..

    Peter SeaPeter Sea6 ай мурун
  • Love the renewed energy, you have a made a complete 180.

    Dwayne BarbeeDwayne Barbee6 ай мурун
  • "Time to let this big girl grow" *SPLASH as he yeets the Striper in @ 5:50...

    Barefoot Fishing TVBarefoot Fishing TV7 ай мурун
  • Would love to see him come down to louisiana and fish the atchafalaya basin

    baseballismylife795baseballismylife7957 ай мурун
  • Your living the dream ! Nice video Thanks for sharing! Wish I was there.

    whitetail 64whitetail 647 ай мурун
  • This is one of my favorite spots and I never thought I would see this day

    Andrew StraubAndrew Straub7 ай мурун
    • where is this

      juan gonzalezjuan gonzalez6 ай мурун
  • Where did you go @apbassing

    Billy26cTsBilly26cTs7 ай мурун
  • I’m from Long Island I never go 4 low always 4 high and u didn’t have to air down

    Tyler WertzTyler Wertz7 ай мурун
  • Blue fish are vary gamey so I definitely recommend bleeding them and filleting them. Then you can cook it what ever way you like just a wouldn’t recommend any oil.......

    DryvvoDryvvo7 ай мурун
  • I used to hit that spot all the time at like 4:30 am.

    OneAndOnlyChiOneAndOnlyChi7 ай мурун
  • What New York beach?

    OneAndOnlyChiOneAndOnlyChi7 ай мурун
  • The best recipe for bluefish is to wrap the fillet in foil with butter, garlic and onion. put it on the grill for 20 mins. Take the bluefish out, throw it in the garbage and eat the foil. Best bluefish you'll ever have

    Tom CTom C7 ай мурун
  • Try soaking the blue fish in milk next time pulls the oil and gets rid of the slime grew up fishing in NYC

    John SheridanJohn Sheridan7 ай мурун
  • do one of these vids in orlando, Florida!

    DennAgainDennAgain7 ай мурун
  • Dude, dope content. You look so happy exploring here in my hometown of NY!

    itzreganitzregan7 ай мурун
  • This kid looks like the twitch streamer cloakzy when he had longer hits

    Sean HermanowskiSean Hermanowski7 ай мурун
  • All i could think about was the tarradarrabros when he said time for the lemon

    Cjoine0824Cjoine08247 ай мурун
  • 15:22 💀love the crackhead energy

    CarolineCaroline7 ай мурун
  • i was there like 4 days ago with my girlfriend, i've fished there for like 6 years. if you're still around, fish off the jetty with diamond jigs around 6-9pm, big stripers and blues there

    Paul MPaul M7 ай мурун
  • i love that guy

    Joseph GilesJoseph Giles7 ай мурун
  • Are you aware of the term social distancing and not giving strangers food

    Liam FrangosLiam Frangos7 ай мурун
  • thanks for showing long island some love

    joe contejoe conte7 ай мурун
  • Love how happy ap is running around looking at everyone catching fish

    ArOw ThrowerArOw Thrower7 ай мурун
  • My luck I move off of Long Island and now you come and visit smh

    ArOw ThrowerArOw Thrower7 ай мурун
  • Does anyone know where in NYC this is? I live here and want some new fishing spots, thank you!

    Alejandro MiguelinaAlejandro Miguelina7 ай мурун
    • Somewhere in Long Island, can be near montauk.

      Doge RogeDoge Roge7 ай мурун
  • A fisherman amongst his fellow fishermen. Diggin the video.

    Fred PenaFred Pena7 ай мурун
  • Such a great video. Always cheers me up seeing peric get excited trying new things

    Joe FoxJoe Fox7 ай мурун
  • When I lived out on Long Island, I remember taking my boat to that inlet and fished it with a few of my friends... I have caught some decent stripers and blue fish out of that inlet.

    Dvj LunaDvj Luna7 ай мурун
    • Looks like shinnecock east.

      Sam ArnsSam Arns7 ай мурун
    • Hey, do you mind sharing the location, I'd like to fish there, thanks !

      William PimentelWilliam Pimentel7 ай мурун
  • This video has inspired me to put together a cook kit, so if I ever get a chance to do a Catch, clean, Cook

    Angler CootsAngler Coots7 ай мурун
  • You know you probably got a blue when your rod tip twitches like that. Love this vid.

    phinfanfrommdphinfanfrommd7 ай мурун
  • With your tires deflated, you should need 4L.

    phinfanfrommdphinfanfrommd7 ай мурун
  • were is that

    bigAnybigAny7 ай мурун
  • Awesome seeing you make it all the way out to Long Island!

    chomidore3chomidore37 ай мурун
  • Amazing catch and cook episode . Gotta try your blue fish recipe. You got every ones vote on that meal. Keep up the great work.

    Alex PazminoAlex Pazmino7 ай мурун
  • Mans supporting Aces first cast seasoning. Love to see that.

    Cabe IrwinCabe Irwin7 ай мурун
  • This is the absolute dream what you're doing right now. I would pay good money to be taken on a trip like this with you. Just exploring the states and sleeping where you fish.

    Joshua JumperJoshua Jumper7 ай мурун
  • Is this Shinnecock inlet?

    Ryan PollittRyan Pollitt7 ай мурун
  • Does anyone kno where the location is in the video?

    Swaikot d RoySwaikot d Roy7 ай мурун
  • Very nice video to watch Peric, I could just taste that bluefish you were cooking. You know a calmer Peric is a lot easier to watch and enjoy. Keep up the good work and I'm going to try that style of cookin, cajun lemon soy sauce, perfect.

    david gdavid g7 ай мурун
  • The smaller blues are awesome. The bigger ones are very fishy. Great stuff glad your back and stronger as ever

    regis bregis b7 ай мурун
  • Great video 👍. Looks like an awesome spot

    Jacob AldermanJacob Alderman7 ай мурун
  • Great show enjoyed every bit of it

    Steve BoydSteve Boyd7 ай мурун
  • Was that at Shinnecock Inlet cause I felt that I saw someone like you with when I was there about a week and a half ago and I couldn't tell if it was you or not.

    Mishalom HitsMishalom Hits7 ай мурун
  • Dude just know if you get pulled over in New York and you are from out of state they can fine you 5k

    Emory OreskovicEmory Oreskovic7 ай мурун
  • Living the dream my man, good stuff!

    ryanslapzryanslapz7 ай мурун
  • AP LISTENING TO THE WOOD BROTHERS?! New level of respect my man, great video.

    Aaron VailAaron Vail7 ай мурун
  • Great videos and love the vibes man

    Josue RamosJosue Ramos7 ай мурун
  • such a sick video

    tjm12995tjm129957 ай мурун
  • Blues are gross tasting but they fight good

    Venom_Killz1234Venom_Killz12347 ай мурун
  • Damn, we consider blue fish straight trash in the South. Is this normal for yall to eat em up north?

    Nature's FinestNature's Finest7 ай мурун
  • 10:07 bruh I'm dead AP said "shit claps"

    Billy TBilly T7 ай мурун
  • New York sucks

    Dylan PalmerDylan Palmer7 ай мурун
  • Anyone else notice how high his seat was at 2:40 or just me ?? 💀💀 little Alex

    Collin LindleyCollin Lindley7 ай мурун
  • It’s always nice to see peric in the wild enjoying himself lol

  • If you think driving on the beach there is cool you didn't spend enought time on the lower Cape. (Cape cod)

    Reilly KannallyReilly Kannally7 ай мурун
  • Second you switched to the bucktail I knew it was on.

    Bob BlankemeierBob Blankemeier7 ай мурун
  • I tried it when I caught a couple down in NC and they were really good! Just have to bleed out and cook fresh!

    Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson7 ай мурун
  • How you ever travel train station if not recorted for your next video

    Alan PrpićAlan Prpić7 ай мурун
  • Peric is living his best life rn.. happy for the man!

    Co2ProCo2Pro7 ай мурун
  • I had bluefish a few years ago down on the cape and it is so good i dont understand why people dont like it, hands down my favorite fish to eat

    Matthew OrmondMatthew Ormond7 ай мурун
  • Chef Peric

    Matthew OrmondMatthew Ormond7 ай мурун
  • Do you need a permit to drive on the beach ?

    Richie RichRichie Rich7 ай мурун
  • Really liking the content! Your just a Wandering Nomad finding new adventures as you go.

    Jim GradyJim Grady7 ай мурун
  • That dude put you on the juice.

    BassGeekBassGeek7 ай мурун
  • Peric come up to clayton new york for smallies and pike

    joe dudajoe duda7 ай мурун
  • I live close to there!!!

    Outdoor Tommy07Outdoor Tommy077 ай мурун
  • AP is living the right life, driving around, being random, and fishing!! Keep it up AP, we are glad to have you making quality videos again!!

    JJBJJB7 ай мурун
  • This episode made me hungry lol

    Travis MarshallTravis Marshall7 ай мурун
  • Edits on point ap

    M3D FishingM3D Fishing7 ай мурун
  • Yay

    Madb_EvanMCMadb_EvanMC8 ай мурун
  • camping, cooking, fishing loved the video, nice job

    June NagelJune Nagel8 ай мурун
  • Oh shit I fish that beach. I’ll be there Friday 2 in the morning, maybe I’ll see you lol

    Le UmLe Um8 ай мурун
  • So cool someone sent you some of Ace's seasoning! He's from Idaho which is where I live!

    Brian ColindresBrian Colindres8 ай мурун
  • Awesome to see you fishing Shinnecock! I usually fish the west side. I actually caught my PB Fluke there (and also the only fluke I caught at Shinnecock inlet) on a 2 or 3 oz kastmaster (only fluke I've caught on a Kastmaster), and something like 2 weeks after fluke season closed. Weirdest fluke I've ever caught.

    Joshua KravatzJoshua Kravatz8 ай мурун
  • This is my favorite video. Keep coming back to the east coast for that saltwater bite. Love this type of content

    Austin VangAustin Vang8 ай мурун
  • Pretty much stopped watching all the googans since it was pretty repetitive but this content is so fresh! Keep it up AP. Make a CT stop out here on Candlewood!

    Austin's OutdoorsAustin's Outdoors8 ай мурун
  • I cant wait for more your videos like this! Thank you for the upload.

    Matt RomoMatt Romo8 ай мурун
  • Definitely what fishing is all about. Thank you for sharing this great video. The world can learn plenty from fisher people.

    Barry PayneBarry Payne8 ай мурун
  • Wait is this democrat point?

    SmokedBACON 145SmokedBACON 1458 ай мурун
  • Blues are running wild here on Long Island let’s meet up! 😂

    SmokedBACON 145SmokedBACON 1458 ай мурун
  • yo love the videos that have been coming out recently

    lane mehaffeylane mehaffey8 ай мурун
  • How’s the weather? Is it pretty much in the high 70s, kinda in the low 60s, upper 50s?

    AndrewTheJigAndrewTheJig8 ай мурун
  • Definatly dont need 4 wheel low for the beach

    Charles BrayCharles Bray8 ай мурун
  • Man Flairs thumbnails are way better😉

    Zakk BruyereZakk Bruyere8 ай мурун
  • Can anybody tell me what body of water that is and can anybody recommend some salt water googan baits??

    C1OUD2YツC1OUD2Yツ8 ай мурун
  • noooo I wanted to do a collab and I also live in nyc

    CheesecakeCheesecake8 ай мурун
  • 15:21 when u had too much coffee

    Jeremiah GriffinJeremiah Griffin8 ай мурун
  • AP come to Oregon and we can catch some Sturgeon!!

    Sniper PunkSniper Punk8 ай мурун
  • Long Island!!! I’ll be out in montauk catching stripper on the 20th. Blues are fun but strippers are really fun.

    Anthony MaggiottaAnthony Maggiotta8 ай мурун
    • Also blues taste super fishy

      Anthony MaggiottaAnthony Maggiotta8 ай мурун
  • Run 15-18lbs. And also 4hi not low! That’s how you blow your transfer case up!!! You only use 4 lo steep stuff up or down even and if your getting stuck your think you might or are stuck !!! Great video !!!

    Dominico CosmaDominico Cosma8 ай мурун
  • What car is that???

    Browners5Browners58 ай мурун
  • What beach is this

    Alexander CaratzasAlexander Caratzas8 ай мурун
  • Cajun seasoning, Lemon and Soy Sauce 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who does that?? 🤣🤣🤣 Looks like a damn good time though just cruising with no agenda

    Dave WylieDave Wylie8 ай мурун
  • How did you get on the beach without a permit???

    DeeDee8 ай мурун
  • That fake cop siren tho👌🏽😂

    Tim MelnikTim Melnik8 ай мурун